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Lunch on the beach at Tulum before heading into the jungle.

Coba is a Mayan site about 100 KM from Cancun. Although the Mayans didn't have wheels, they built ceremonial roads called sacbes on which you can bicycle around the site. We saw crocodiles here too!

The "Ball Court" at Coba

On the road to Coba.
See map.

Dzibanche - Pyramid of the Lintels
Wooden lintels still in place for 1300 years!

Atop Dzibanche pyramid of the Lintels 

There were NO other visitors, we took a tripod!

Kohunlich is a large site in the rainforest.

Kohunlich Temple of the Masks

Kinichnna tree roots dwarf truck at left.

Hormiguero - a small site down a very bad road. This "monster mouth" style is typical of the Rio Bec area ruins which include Chicanna and surrounding sites.

Xpujil ruins with "false steps" up tower

Chicanna - in the mouth of the monster, complete with teeth. Some original color remains on the stucco exterior.

Calakmul - Largest Mayan pyramid

Calakmul "residential" units

Calakmul also has the 2nd largest pyramid.

Pashimo bakasana on Calakmul pyramid

Calakmul trees are full of howler monkeys

Calakmul's rival city, Tikal, can be seen on a clear day. Only about 30 KM to Guatemala.


Mayans were (and still are) short!

The road to Hopelchen - YIKES!

Heading to Merida - click here to continue Yucatan Tour.
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