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DAY TEN: Stilwell, Kansas
Back at the Ranch
Click photos for larger view.

The Falcon is back in the garage, but the garage is a huge disaster area! Jim has the rest of the week off, so he decided to tackle the job. If you think this is bad, you should have seen it before he sold the Studebaker and the truck. It was impossible to get around in!

Floor cleaning
Took all day!
Don't buy fancy stripper, Dawn and ammonia do the job!
He's finished and it looks amazing! Check it out here.
The garden is growing and the tomatoes are finally coming on. Something has been eating them even though they're not ripe yet; good thing there are plenty. Also lots of jalapeno and habanero peppers- YUM!
The Nationals were great, awesome to see so many nice people and Falcons. Thanks to all those who had many kind words about the magazine. If you were there, and you have photos, especially of the Air Force Base and the Monster Mile, please send them in for December issue.
See everybody in Detroit!