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Dale, Indiana to Cumberland Maryland
If you have to break down in West Virginia, this is the place to do it...
Louisville, KY
Lots of bridges
And lots of water
Avant Garde
The Falcon had been running like a champ. We logged over 2500 trouble-free miles to Arizona and back just a couple of weeks ago! Six miles after we gassed up in Sutton, West Virginia, it started kicking and choking-just as I had settled in the back seat for a nap and Jim had started driving. We were on mountainous WV roads, no services,on Sunday, the car was dead on the highway. We rolled it backwards down the exit ramp (there was NO power) and landed in a flat space between two busy highway ramps.
Now what? Jim suspected that it was the fuel pump. Eugene, a fellow who stopped to help and became our self-appointed guardian angel, who when Jim asked him if he was a mechanic, said "Pretty much..." agreed definitively that it was the fuel pump. Well, we have had experience with that.
We actually couldn't have broken down in a better place. Even though it was Sunday, there was an Advance Auto store nearby that was open. They didn't have the fuel pump but a store up the road did. jim and the Courtesy Patrol guy went to get it while Eugene and I stayed with the Falcon. It was like a mini car show on the side of the road. His friends went by and stopped, I showed them the photos of what the car used to look like. A total of three Courtesy patrol cars stopped, this happened to be the intersection where they alternated routes. In just a couple of hours, we were back on the road, running strong. Thank you Eugene! And Clifford and John and everybody who stopped to help. It couldn't have worked out better.

We were very happy to roll into the Slumberland Motel in Cumberland, Maryland (I know...)
The run to Cumberland was uneventful except for the beautiful countryside and multiple deer sightings. We got in late but it was a great ending to a day that turned out just right.