Day One - St. Louis, MO

We didn't make it very far the first day, but we had lots of excitement along the way!


 Kitties ready to go to cat hotel.

Jim's folks sent us on our way with cookies.

Jim's dad invented this cool boat hoist -
note the wet vac powering system!





Interstate 70 - There are lots of reasons to avoid the interstates! The road is in terrible condition and Central Missouri has sold out and is
now the "Land of the Giant Billboards." This is the ONLY stretch of interstate we will travel the entire trip


Trouble strikes just two hours from home. The fuel pump went out just outside Columbia on a very hot afternoon. Longtime friend Joe Ashbaugh came to the rescue. He got the part and brought it to us along with cool drinks and moral support. It's good to have friends you can count on.




Joe and Jim - a successful repair!

A quick trip to the parts store afterward.  

 Finally relaxing with Wendy's mom.

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