Day Fourteen - The Really Big Falcon National Show

Jim wins three First Place Awards!

Stock '63 Convertibles - People's Choice Stock Category - Ladies Choice.

Wendy wins National Golden Quill Award for Falcon Club Newsletter.

What a thrill! I was hoping that my friends in the FCA would like the car, but this was beyond my wildest dreams. Of course, I can't thank everyone that helped me along the way, but a few deserve special mention: First, of course, is my wonderful wife Wendy - I really couldn't have done it without her support and encouragement. Thanks to Alex Gerritts, Richard and Jeanette for jumping to my aid on Wednesday - Is this a great club or what?! Thanks to Ron Wilson, Falcon Enterprises, for his generosity and hospitality in offering the use of his shop and tools to fix my broken bird. A big Thank You to Rick Dilks of Rick's Fabulous Ford Parts and the Mid-America Chapter, Danny Rosewell of Rosewell Falcon Parts and the Heart of Texas Chapter and all of the other vendors and experts that helped me with this car. - Jim Wilkerson, FCA #07420



 The voting begins in earnest.

 Falcon family assessing the cars

 David and Karen, Margueritaville, CA




  Larry, Althea and Elijah Fleeman

 Over 450 people at the Awards Banquet

Butch worked hard, he's tired.


  Ronnie with his latest treasure.

 Father O'Brien blessed us and the Falcons

 The gang relaxes after the banquet.

John Kosche wins Best of Show for his amazing Club Wagon! See Day 12.

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