These tan lines are a bummer,
They really are no good.

For always, in the summer,
I'd be naked if I could.

And then we found Sonrisa,
A truly magic place... 

The beach is sure to please ya--
Put a smile on your face.

If sunbathing is not enough
Try Yoga on the beach--

 And later, when the going's tough,
Dos Equiis within reach.

Cindy's an amazing chef,
The dinners are sublime.

One way to add to body heft--
Eat there all the time!

The friends we met, the fun we had;
It all was quite unique.

 While the weather home was bad,
We were at season's peak.

We love our small cabana,
It's intimate and warm.

 It's there for our manana,
A haven from the storm.

The Costa Maya movement,
It's all about the biz.

Some things don't need improvement--
They're wonderful as is!

And so we pray to Murph, our friend--
Don't make it all "too much."

The truest beauty, in the end,
Is in the human touch.

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