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This 1963 Falcon was sold to a rock star (really!) just after vacation last year. I was reluctant to part with such a reliable car, BUT...

 We found this 1962 sedan with 34,000 miles and it was too good to pass up, a solid and straight original daily driver. JIm convinced me, it is a great little car!
PERCY is our longtime Top Kitty friend, about 12 years old. He was rescued from the Humane Society before we were even married and has been with us from Missouri to Maryland to Kansas.  Percy and Narcissus, his new "friend." They aren't exactly best buddies now, but by the time they spend our vacation boarding in their "suite" at the cat kennel, they either will be best friends, or there will only be one of them. We hope they're best friends. NARCISSUS, our adopted stray "teenage" cat. He started hanging around the fish pond last fall and has wormed his way into the house since then. He has only one speed - breakneck. See update.






Even though blooming is beginning in earnest, the garden was planned this year with the Falcon trip in mind. Our garden was on a Garden and Pond Tour, so the preparation for the tour served as the preparation for vacation. Friends are cutting the blooms, so there will be plenty left when we get home.


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